Welcome to iBALLOONS Australia
Welcome to iBALLOONS Australia
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    • Printed balloons are an inexpensive way to engage your customers.
    • We only use 100% compostable latex balloons
    • Printed Balloon are ideal for short and long and term campaigns.
    • You can print as few as a 100 balloons or thousands .
    • Print one side or as many as five sides.
    • Printing available in 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 Colours
    • Create greater impact - Print- Over an existing stock design 
    • Call us to discuss the possibilities 0414 546 173
    • Email sales@balloondecoraustralia.com.au
    Balloon Decor Melbourne  supply the highest quality 100% compostable printed latex balloons.
    We  are specialist in print runs from  as few as one hundred to thousands  for major functions, community events, trade shows and marketing campaigns.
    We are specialist in print runs from 100 to 1,000s  for major functions, community events, trade shows and marketing campaigns.
    We sell and hire Inflating Equipment -  Can supply Ribbons -  Recycled Cups 'n' Sticks
    We can Custom Design Decor using Custom Printed or Stock Print Balloons

    Balloon Printing from Balloon Decor Australia


     Promotional GIVE-AWAYS

    •  Everyone loves a promotion with balloons
    • They are an inexpensive and attract customers 
    • Printed Latex Balloons are perfect small and large campaigns 
    • Custom printed latex balloons make inexpensive marketing tools.
    • As an air-filled balloon on a Cup&Stick the balloon carrying your message and can remain in tact promoting your brand for weeks
    • Call us to discuss the possibilities 0414546173


        • Inflated Marketing is the modern way to present your message
        • Inflated signage can float or simply be hung from the ceiling
        • Designed with your corporate or promotional colours.
        • Designed specifically for your short term or on going marketing campaign.
        • Media Walls/Columns and Arches are the on trend way to create a display
        • Balloon Decor can install all decorations for you.


        Balloon accessories available to suit all DIY (Decorate it Yourself) situations
        • Balloon Cup&Sticks - Various sizes
        • DIY counter, ceiling and table displays
        • Helium advise
        • Balloon Pumps
        • Electric Inflators
        Be inspired by the those who have boldly gone before you.
        They are more than just balloons - they are your AMAZING decoration

         Theme Balloon Props  &  Backdrops  -  Marketing Displays  - Trade Product Launches  -  Tailored Special Effects  - Classic Balloon Decor  -  Multi-Net Balloon Drops  -  Latex Balloon Printing - Foil Balloon Branding  -  Balloon Arches  -  Organic Balloon Displays  -   Promotional Give-a-Ways  -  Corporate Event  Décor  -  Product Reveals  -  iN-Store Displays  -  Function Table Décor

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        BALLOON DECOR do not, under any circumstances, support the intentional releasing of balloons into the atmosphere