Welcome to iBALLOONS Australia
Welcome to iBALLOONS Australia
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    Every function and event deserves the chance to be the best it can be
    Professionally installed Balloon Decorations will ensure that is just that and more.
    From the subtle to the outrageous, from the petite to the extravaganza
    Balloons turn the ordinary into the fantastic
    • Not all functions and events are designed with a specific theme
    • At Balloon Decor we design and install all balloon bouquets and decorations to compliment the venue
    • Balloon decor is designed to welcome the guests and provoke a feeling of excitement
    • These pages display an inspirational portfolio of Function Decor.
    • All decor was created and adapted to suit the clients needs at a particular venue.
    Be inspired by the those who have boldly gone before you.
    They are more than just balloons - they are your AMAZING decoration

    balloonDecor Australia

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    BALLOON DECOR do not, under any circumstances, support the intentional releasing of balloons into the atmosphere