Welcome to iBALLOONS Australia
Welcome to iBALLOONS Australia
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    BALLOONease FREE Balloon Instructions

    A convenient way to learn the art of balloonDECOR


    Decorating Tips and Tricks

    By SEAN J. O'Kelly

    from balloonDECOR Australia

    Once you download the detailed instructions you can either email us to purchase the ingredients or you can use the 'stock list' provided with the BALLOONease instructions to purchase all stock needed to from your local supplier to build your own fantastic Balloon Sculpture.


    Don't want to do all the hard work huffing and puffing inflating the balloons?

    If you are local you can HIRE balloonDECOR Australia to 'build and install' the decorations for you.

    Or you can take the instructions to your local Party Shop/Balloon Decorator and ask them to build it for you.


    Alternatively contact balloonDECOR Australia via the enquiry form below and we can design/build/install a custom decoration the will transform your function into a spectacular event.