Welcome to iBALLOONS Australia
Welcome to iBALLOONS Australia
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    ON-TREND Balloon Mesh Backdrops

    Mesh / Balloon Backdrops

    • Mesh Organic Balloon Backdrops are the Newest/On Trend event decoration that is sweeping the world today.
    • Available in 1mt - 1.5mt - 2mt circles as well as other designs including a 'walk-through-heart' and 'walk-through-star'
    • Enhanced with various styles of lights and personalised signs
    • Custom shapes and and designs available
    • Contact us to discuss your 
    Personalised Decor makes a statement of ownership and signifies that it is your event
    • Becoming mementos of the event personalised balloons are a great to obtain additional marketing.
    By calling them 'Special' does not do these breathtaking pieces justice.
    Filling corners, stretching across rooms, bouncing from table to table or filling a ceiling with colour
    Balloon Elements are suitable for placing everywhere in any room
    Perfect for every occasion wherever you need colour.
    Exciting in their design and forever impressive in their presentation
     These awesome pieces of balloon artistry that have that special WOW factor.
    This is more than art for art's sake ........... it's art that makes an impression.
    Every function and event deserves the chance to be the best it can be
    Professionally installed Balloon Decorations will ensure that is just that and more.
    From the subtle to the outrageous
    From the petite to the extravaganza
    Balloons turn the ordinary into the fantastic
     Arches - Columns - Table Decor - Dance Floor Decor - Balloon Lettering
    Be inspired by the those who have boldly gone before you.
    They are more than just balloons - they are your AMAZING decoration

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    BALLOON DECOR do not, under any circumstances, support the intentional releasing of balloons into the atmosphere