Balloon Decor Melbourne  supply the highest quality 100% compostable printed latex balloons.

We  are specialist in print runs from  as few as one hundred to thousands  for major functions, community events, trade shows and marketing campaigns.


  • Printed balloons are an inexpensive way to engage your customers.
  • We only use 100% compostable latex balloons
  • Printed Balloon are ideal for short and long and term campaigns.
  • You can print as few as a 100 balloons or thousands .
  • Print one side or as many as five sides.
  • Printing available in 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 Colours
  • Create greater impact - Print- Over an existing stock design 
  • Call us to discuss the possibilities 0414 546 173 

Balloon Printing from Balloon Decor Australia

 Personalised FOIL / BRANDED 

In-store Promotions - Customized Marketing Campaigns - Table Decor or as a Topper on a Media Column

  • Personalized Branded Foil Balloons are available in a large range of colours, sizes &  shapes 
  • They are a stylish addition to any marketing display.
  • Impressive in their appearance foil balloons are perfect for High-Impact 
  • Air-filled Foil Balloons can remain inflated for weeks or months


 Promotional GIVE-AWAYS

  •  Everyone loves a promotion with balloons
  • They are an inexpensive and attract customers 
  • Printed Latex Balloons are perfect small and large campaigns 
  • Custom printed latex balloons make inexpensive marketing tools.
  • As an air-filled balloon on a Cup&Stick the balloon carrying your message and can remain in tact promoting your brand for weeks
  • Call us to discuss the possibilities 0414546173


      • Inflated Marketing is the modern way to present your message
      • Inflated signage can float or simply be hung from the ceiling
      • Designed with your corporate or promotional colours.
      • Designed specifically for your short term or on going marketing campaign.
      • Media Walls/Columns and Arches are the on trend way to create a display
      • Balloon Decor can install all decorations for you.


      Balloon accessories available to suit all DIY (Decorate it Yourself) situations
      • Balloon Cup&Sticks - Various sizes
      • DIY counter, ceiling and table displays
      • Helium advise
      • Balloon Pumps
      • Electric Inflators