Welcome to iBALLOONS Australia
Welcome to iBALLOONS Australia
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    SPECIAL EFFECTS Balloon Releases

    Balloon Releases

    The FACT is Balloon Releases are NOT GOOD

     Because we are a socially aware Company and we have a genuine concern for the environment BALLOON DECOR Australia has decided that they will NOT perform the 'special effect' known as BALLOON RELEASES.

    Balloon Décor has made this decision independently of and industry or Governments bodies.

    Although we have always used and will continue to use only bio-degradable  latex balloons made from the sap of the natural rubber tree which is 100% biodegradable we consider that releasing balloons freely into the environment is an irresponsible practice and should not be encouraged or endorsed/ encouraged or condoned under any circumstances.

    Balloon Décor will continue to supply helium filled balloon for indoor use only and whilst we acknowledging that all our latex balloons bio-degrade at the same rate as the average 'compost pile' we seriously encourage all our customers to deflate 'POP' and dispose of all helium filled balloons in a responsible manner..

    For further information regarding this matter please refer to our Environmental Statement on the Inquiry/Contact page.

    For further information visit www.peba.com.au

      Balloon Drops  -  Stage Reveals -  Confetti Cannons  -  Bubble Machines  -  Smoke Machines  -  Event Lighting  -  Balloon Releases

     Whether it is a Balloon Drop, a Stage Reveal, a Confetti Cannon or Balloons With Lights whatever you need we can turn your decoration into a production.
    • Harness the gentleness of a free floating balloon and encourage excitement with a BALLOON DROP of thousands of balloons.
    • Shower the event with a CONFETTI CANNON.
    • Surprise  your guests with the excitement of a  REVEAL
    Be inspired by the those who have boldly gone before you.
    They are more than just balloons - they are your AMAZING decoration

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    BALLOON DECOR do not, under any circumstances, support the intentional releasing of balloons into the atmosphere