Welcome to iBALLOONS Australia
Welcome to iBALLOONS Australia
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    CORPORATE DECOR Inflated Marketing

    INFLATED Balloon Marketing


    • Inflated Marketing is a uniquely modern way to present your promotional message
    • Inflated signage that can float or simply be hung from the ceiling
    • Designed with your corporate or promotional colours.
    • Designed specifically for your short term or on going marketing campaign.
    • Media Walls/Columns and Arches are the on trend way to create a display
    • Balloon Decor can install all decorations for you.
    • You can choose from our DIY (Decorate it Yourself) options
    • If you have the products then Balloon Decor has the way to attract attention to your display
    • Whether it be at a trade show, in-store sales campaign or at a new product launch Balloon Decor Melbourne can add a special magic.
    • Specialising in store wide decorations we can also highlight individual locations  with individually branded Balloon Decor.
    • Personalise your display to emphasise a brand, product or range.