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Welcome to iBALLOONS Australia
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    balloonDECOR - ABOUT US

    An Inflated Tale:

    The Story of BALLOON DECOR Australia

    . Balloon Décor Australia commenced trading in 1983 at a time when the Australian balloon decorating industry was just beginning to inflate. 
    As their creative reputation grew they began to receive challenging requests from both private and corporate clients. I wasn't long before they gained vast experience in many areas of the industry and were quickly acknowledged as leading innovators in the field.
    Providing much  more than the standard helium-filled party balloon presented in random bunches, they developed as designers, teachers and innovators to the local and international industry at numerous conventions in Australia and overseas.
     By 1994, with the majority of their work being on-site decorating, the decision was made to close their then 18 year old retail party supply business OK Party Supplies and relocate as a home-based business where they focused on the expanding the craft of innovative balloon decorations. 
    Without the constant demand of a retail shop Balloon Décor, were able to expand their artistic credibility further by having photos of their creations published in catalogues, websites and trade magazines around the world.
    After attending and/or teaching at numerous balloon conventions in both Australia and overseas, Balloon Décor Australia is now amongst the most respected exponents of the art of balloon decorating in the world.
    Sadly, Edelgard T. O'Kelly, CBA (certified balloon artist), Diploma of Floristry and inspirational designer, and teacher passed away on the 11th March 2009. 
    She left behind a creative legacy that continues to inspire the artist in us all.
    This left Sean J O'Kelly formerly a journalist and having skills in computer graphics, to carry on the business. Sean has written numerous articles for industry trade magazines as well as over 60 instructional sheets that have been re-published by several companies around the world. 
    Although their products and services are slightly different these days Balloon Décor continues to be recognised as leaders in the arena of creative decorations through their expansion into several different areas in the celebration industry.
     Throughout this website you will see photographic examples of the artistry of Balloon Décor Australia 
    These stunning decorations and breathtaking sculptures  installed in venues such as Melbourne Exhibition Centre, Melbourne Museum, Melbourne Cricket Ground, Crown Casino, Melbourne Arts Centre, Flinders St Station, Federation Square, The Melbourne Yacht Club, Rialto and the Ritz Hotel  have become the hallmark of the quality work their clients have come to expect.  
    The many corporate customers they have decorated for including Westfield Shopping Centres, Safeway Supermarkets, and North Melbourne, Collingwood, Adelaide, St Kilda, Geelong, West Coast Eagles Football Club and Coles Supermarkets, Nike, Samsung, ABC Channel 2, Channel 7, Australian Olympic Team and Victoria's Secret have all felt confident that they can continually rely on Balloon Decor Australia's consistently in providing breathtakingly original decorations and displays that regularly exceeded all expectations.
     From the petite to the outrageous Balloon Décor Australia, truly does take its business seriously so their clients can have all the fun.
    After surviving the lean years of the pandemic Balloon Décor Australia have emerged as a new exciting company embracing and building on the quality business ethics of its colourful past.
    Today the bulk of their work still centres around designing and installing original display decor and special effects for major events at shopping centres and trade promotions, product launches as well as high end private functions. Their ability to brand and personalise the balloons, signs and décor in numerous different ways gives Balloon Décor Australia a cutting edge advantage over their less experienced competitors. Retail promotions, trade shows and corporate/private functions are all transformed into EVENTS to remember with their original designs.
    In August 2016 Balloon Décor started a new chapter in their long story by joining forces with the Audio/Lighting/Special Effects and Fireworks company AVFX/Crack-A-Jack Fireworks which brings together over 70 years experience in the celebration industry.  Now being able to incorporate a larger range of speciality services into their portfolio allows both businesses to be widely recognised more as a one-stop shop like no other in the celebration industry.
    The future looks as colourful as the balloons they supply and as exciting as the special effects they can now create.