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Stairway To The Top Centrepiece (BALLOONease Instruction No1)

Stairway To The Top a centre-piece for all occasions  BALLOONease Instruction No1  By Edelgard O’Kelly,  Balloon Décor, Australia   Introduction: The uncomplicated open design of the ‘Stairway to the Top’ center-piece allows it to be utilised in several different themes. As presented in these instructions it can be a stand alone table center-piece or it can be modified to allow for an open center allowing different items to be placed in the center. The overall design can be easily adjusted in size to accommodate 40cm balloons (or larger) lending it’s design for room or center stage décor.  Because of it’s impressive design it is a classic piece of décor utilizing a minimal amount of balloons. Applications: As a table center-piece As...

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