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    Stairway To The Top Centrepiece (BALLOONease Instruction No1)

    BALLOONease BALLOONease balloon instructions Staieway to the top

    Stairway To The Top a centre-piece for all occasions 

    BALLOONease Instruction No1

     By Edelgard O’Kelly,  Balloon Décor, Australia



    The uncomplicated open design of the ‘Stairway to the Top’ center-piece allows it to be utilised in several different themes.

    As presented in these instructions it can be a stand alone table center-piece or it can be modified to allow for an open center allowing different items to be placed in the center. The overall design can be easily adjusted in size to accommodate 40cm balloons (or larger) lending it’s design for room or center stage décor.

     Because of it’s impressive design it is a classic piece of décor utilizing a minimal amount of balloons.


    • As a table center-piece
    • As a room/ center stage or Atrium space filler (using larger balloons)



    1 x whole Ribbon Roll (preferably one that joins in the middle)

    If a ribbon roll is not available, you can substitute a cardboard or plastic cylinder approx 4cm in diameter and 12cm long.

    1 x Cake Board 25 cm in dia

    5 x (Conwin) Adhesive Grip-Tabs

    5 x individual length ribbon @ 130cm, 155cm, 180cm, 205cm, 230cm

    5 x 30 cm (11”) Balloons

    Decorator Star Spray (optional)

    10 x 20 cm x 20 cm Foil-wrap

    Glitter (optional)

    Spray Paint (optional)


    Glue GUN/ Pan Glue

    Duct Tape

    1 block x Florist Foam (dry)

    ‘Pick’ Machine (optional)

    Scissors and/or Knife

    Tape Measure/Ruler



    1. Separating the two halves of the Ribbon Roll utilize one end and cover it’s base hole with Duct Tape.
    2. Mix Plaster and fill ( half ribbon roll) This will help to add weight and stability to the piece.

    NB: If you are using a Cardboard/plastic cylinder be sure to cover the ‘bottom’ end and only half fill with plaster

    1. Using the second half of the Ribbon Roll press it into the foam to ‘dye-cut’ a portion that will allow it to neatly fit into the cylinder shaft. Ensure that the entire shaft is filled with the foam. If using a cardboard cylinder wait till the plaster is dry then repeat the process for inserting the foam.
    2. Dip the center of the Ribbon Roll into hot Pan Glue and join together.
    3. Mark out five even ‘pie’ portions on back of cake board as shown in Diagram1.
    4. Turn upside down and attach Adhesive Grip Tabs at the five pre-marked positions on the cake board’ underside.
    5. Mark out ‘center’ on the top of the cake board and fix Ribbon Roll or cylinder with Pan Glue. Ensure that the opening with the foam is on top as shown in Diagram2.
    6. Spray Paint cake board and ribbon roll/cylinder and cover with glitter while still wet.
    7. Cut a Decorator Spray to 15cm. ‘dip’ into Pan Glue and insert into center of dry foam.
    8. Make 5 double foil tufts using ‘Pick’ machine and place around decorator Spray.

    All this can be done before hand. Keep ‘centre-piece’ in a dust free place and they will be ready when you are.

    • Attach to pre- cut ribbons of individual lengths to both the inflated balloons and Adhesive Grip Tabs leaving 30 cm tail at either end.
    • Allow for a finished length of each individual ribbon @ 70 cm, 95 cm, 120 cm, 145 cm and 170 cm.
    • Make a template
    • utilizing masking/electrical tap to ‘crease mark’ Ribbon on worktable.



       Table end                  70 cm         95 cm       120 cm      145 cm      170 cm


    Alternative Design:

    By omitting the Ribbon Roll in the design, the entire center-piece can be altered in many different ways.

    • Being left empty it provides a ‘space’ on the table for flowers, glasses, bottles, condiments, etc.
    • By incorporating a different ‘centre’ such as a Topiary Tree the whole piece can take on a completely new appearance.
    • By utilizing ‘fishing line’ from the balloon to the Cake Board Base and allowing only a small portion of Ribbon to hang a ‘floating in mid air’ look can be achieved.
    • By incorporating custom printed balloons (such as a company logo), all-around print balloons or different colours to represent a rainbow the center-piece can be given a completely new appeal.


    This is a very stylish and versatile piece of décor that can be exciting, subtle or dramatic depending on number , size, the type and the colour of balloons used.


    Contributions by:

    Edelgard T O’Kelly CBA (Victoria, Australia)